Top 3 Homemade Food Recipes to Make for Your Dog

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Every dog owner knows that their pet’s food plays a huge role in their health, both in the short and long term. However, did you know that there are options for nourishing your dog other than what you can find on the shelves at your local pet food store? 

Many pet owners choose to prepare their dog’s food at home using fresh ingredients. There are many benefits to taking this route, including that each serving could end up costing you less than the store-bought alternative. 

And if your dog has special health concerns or food sensitivities, knowing exactly what’s going into their bowl can give you peace of mind and help keep your pup healthy. 

What Are the Benefits of Homemade Dog Food?

When you prepare your dog’s food at home, you can have complete control over what goes into your recipe. Depending on where you shop for your groceries and what types of ingredients you use, it’s easy to create cost-effective combinations that save you money at the pet store. 

Additionally, many commercial dog food brands use fillers, preservatives, and artificial colors to make their products look and taste a certain way. These items can have negative effects on your dog’s health, leading to problems like gastrointestinal issues, weight gain, and stomach sensitivity. 

Homemade dog food for sensitive stomachs makes mealtime easier if your pet has allergies to certain foods or needs specific ingredients in their bowl each day. And if your furry friend is simply a picky eater, creating their meals from scratch at home allows you to ensure that your pup will eat every bite and always enjoy mealtime.  

3 Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Healthy Meals

Not sure how to make homemade dog food that your pet will love? It’s easier than you think. Many of the best recipes for homemade pet meals start with the same healthy ingredients that you would include in your own dinner. 

At its core, every bowl of food you prepare for your pet should include a protein source and a carb source alongside some vegetables for added vitamins and minerals. The proportions of each of these macronutrients will need to be adjusted depending on your dog’s specific health needs, as well as their age and size. 

Take some of these three vet-approved homemade dog food recipes as inspiration for your pup’s next meal. You might just find the perfect concoction of flavor and nutrient density that keeps your pup healthy and happy every day!

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1. Turkey Mash

If you’re looking for an extremely easy dog food recipe to try at home, you can’t get much simpler than Turkey Mash. All you’ll need is some fresh ground turkey, brown rice, and a bag of mixed frozen vegetables, along with a Dutch oven or other heating tool. 

Combine 1 pound of ground turkey with 2 cups of uncooked brown rice, 6 cups of water, and around half a bag of frozen vegetables. Some tasty options for vegetables that dogs usually enjoy include carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. 

Prepare this mixture in your Dutch oven by bringing it to a boil and then reducing the heat to simmer. Once the combination is soft, allow it to cool before feeding it to your pup, or refrigerate it first. This should be enough for several meals. 

2. Calcium-Rich Chicken Meal

Looking to elevate your dog’s homemade food with extra nutritional value? Calcium-Rich Chicken Meal is packed with protein, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and other essentials. 

Start with 8 ounces of ground chicken, along with a few tablespoons of chicken or turkey organ meat. Combine with about ¼ cup grated vegetables, 1 teaspoon of ground sunflower seeds, and ½ teaspoon each of coconut oil and salmon oil. Top it off with about 500 mg of calcium citrate to ensure strong bones and healthy aging. 

Depending on whether you’re making homemade dog food for large dogs or small dogs, you may have to double, triple, or even quadruple this recipe. You can use a stovetop and pot to prepare this mixture, or you can use your Dutch oven. Cook until soft and let cool or refrigerate before serving. 

3. Protein-Rich Beef and Chicken Mix

Protein is key for healthy energy levels, strong muscles, and continued mobility as your pup ages. Support their protein intake by mixing multiple sources of this essential nutrient, like in this recipe for Beef and Chicken Mix. This recipe makes a large amount of food that you can store for multiple days of use. 

Combine 3 pounds each of chicken breast and lean ground beef in a stock pot. Add 2 pounds of uncooked brown rice, 6 eggs, and 3 to 4 cans of vegetables (or an equal amount of fresh-cut vegetables). Some dogs also enjoy some added pumpkin puree for taste. Simmer until soft, and feed to your pup after it’s cooled. 

How to Adjust Your Recipes for Your Dog’s Needs

Wondering how much homemade dog food to feed your pup or whether these recipes will work for them as is? Figuring out your dog’s serving size can take some trial and error, but generally, you’ll want to go by your pet’s weight. 

For example, toy breeds require anywhere from ⅓ cup to ½ cup of food per day, while large breeds should have 3 cups or more. Your veterinarian can provide you with a precise number for your furry friend.

There are also easy ways to adjust these recipes to make them safe for your dog with special dietary concerns. 


For homemade dog food for diabetic dogs, keep your carbs and sugar lower. You can do this by reducing the amount of rice or using low-sugar veggies like broccoli, carrots, and onions.

Kidney Disease

You can safely prepare homemade dog food for kidney disease by reducing the overall salt and protein in your recipe. Use smaller amounts of meat, and make sure that your ingredients are unsalted. 

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs need less carbs than younger dogs and more protein. They can also benefit more from vitamins and minerals like omega-3 fatty acids and calcium. When preparing homemade dog food for senior dogs, prioritize protein over carbs, and include healthy oils like fish oil. 

Boost Your Pup’s Health With Nutritious Homemade Dog Food

Whether you’re looking for homemade dog food for small dogs, big dogs, or senior dogs, any of these recipes can be scaled and edited to your needs. Try out your own concoction to explore the benefits of making your pup’s food at home. 

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