Best 6 Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomachs

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No dog owner wants to see their furry friend feeling nauseous, vomiting, or having issues using the bathroom. And if your dog is avoiding their food altogether, it could cause additional health issues or simply affect your pup’s quality of life. 

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach? If so, make sure to schedule a visit to your vet to get their professional opinion on the situation. Usually, your vet will recommend changing your dog’s food to something easier on their digestive system. 

Here are a few sensitive-stomach dog food options on the market today that could make mealtime for your pup a bit easier. These blends range in brand, price, and specialty so you can make an informed decision based on your dog’s specific needs.

The Farmers Dog

1. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a clean-ingredient, dry dog food brand that takes the majority of its recipe’s protein content from fresh meat sources. When you look at the ingredient list on a bag of The Farmer’s Dog food, you’ll see whole-food ingredients that you recognize, such as 

  • USDA pork 
  • Green beans 
  • Sweet potato 
  • Cauliflower

This grain-free dog food is well-suited for dogs in all stages of life, from puppies to older adults. The lack of filler ingredients and grains makes it a potentially good food for sensitive dogs. Since The Farmer’s Dog uses only fresh ingredients, their blends tend to come at a higher price point than other dog food for sensitive stomach selections. 

2. Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Formula

If your adult dog struggles to keep their food down, Diamond Care’s Sensitive Stomach Formula is among the best dog food for sensitive stomach pups. This brand’s easy digestion dog food gets most of its protein content from dried egg, which is a highly digestible and satiating substance for dogs.

The fat-to-protein ratio in Diamond Care’s formula for sensitive stomachs is roughly 52%. This option is best for adult dogs and is completely grain-free. Dogs love the taste of Diamond Care blends, and this brand is a lower-budget option than others that use fresh ingredients.

3. We Feed Raw

Thanks to its recipe of fresh proteins and rich vitamin and mineral profile, We Feed Raw is some of the best food for sensitive stomach dogs. In particular, the turkey patties from We Feed Raw are great for dogs that tend to get upset stomachs. This blend is made of pure ground frozen turkey, free of any grains or fillers.

Like other fresh-ingredient dog food brands, We Feed Raw is considered to be a more luxurious option. However, dog owners who include this brand in their pets’ routine claim that We Feed Raw supports their dog’s health from the inside out. 

4. Raised Right

If you’re looking for the best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomach issues, don’t overlook Raised Right. This brand features a wide range of fresh recipes made with recognizable ingredients like beef, carrots, and cranberries. 

With Raised Right, you’ll be able to find the perfect blend to suit your dog’s tastes and digestive needs with a variety of recipes to choose from. This brand is recommended for adult dogs only, and the ingredients in their recipes are considered to be human-grade. As such, Raised Right is a more upscale option. 

5. Purina Pro Plan

Any list of the best dog food for digestion should include Purina Pro Plan’s Sensitive Skin and Stomach dog food. With a fat-to-protein ratio of around 62%, this blend is known to keep dogs fuller longer while also being easy to digest for pups with stomach issues. 

Unlike many other stomach-sensitive dog food blends, Purina Pro Plan contains a few types of grains, like oatmeal, barley, and rice. Purina Pro Plan’s ingredient list is longer than some other brands, but dogs love the taste, and it tends to be easy on sensitive stomachs. And you can grab a bag of this option for much less than the grain-free brands that use fresh ingredients. 

6. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet is a long-standing brand in the dog food industry that created its own Sensitive Stomach and Skin dog food blend. Like Purina Pro Plan, this offering from Hill’s Science Diet includes grains, namely brown rice and barley. 

This blend is best for adult dogs. It includes prebiotic fiber, which supports healthy gut bacteria and can help with regulating digestion. Other ingredients found in the Sensitive Stomach and Skin blend include chicken and yellow peas.  

Tips for Dogs With Delicate Digestion

Not sure whether your dog has a sensitive stomach? Symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite changes can be clear signs that your dog has a stomach issue.

If your pup struggles to digest their food well, you’re not alone. Support good digestion for your dog by avoiding treats and snacks outside of their stomach-sensitive diet and visiting your vet regularly. 

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