CBD Supplements for Senior Dogs

Anyone with an aging dog knows how difficult it can be to see their beloved pet struggle with the things they used to do with ease. 

Stiff joints, aches and pains, loss of appetite, and increased risk of health conditions can make your pup’s daily life a struggle. But pet owners should know they may be able to greatly improve the quality of their senior dog’s life with the help of CBD oil. 

The potential therapeutic benefits of CBD products have made them incredibly popular among human consumers in recent years, and the cannabinoid has found its way into treats and other products designed specifically for the canine species. 

If you have an older dog and are looking for ways to make them more comfortable and content, learn more about dog CBD and the best CBD for senior dogs.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most abundant chemical compounds in both the hemp and cannabis plants. It’s what’s known as a cannabinoid, and it interacts with the endocannabinoid system found in both humans and dogs. 

Research into these interactions has found that CBD may be able to provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits to both humans and canines.

Does CBD Get You High?

Because it’s found in the cannabis plant, it makes sense to assume CBD has psychoactive effects. However, this particular cannabinoid does not provide any sort of high, which is a big reason it has become popular as a potential form of alternative medicine.

Another easy assumption about CBD is that its presence in the cannabis plant might make it illegal in states where cannabis remains outlawed. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Because hemp cultivation was made federally legal in the U.S. by the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products are now federally legal as well. 

But while CBD is legal on the federal level, it’s important to note that certain state laws have placed some restrictions on products containing the cannabinoid. Most of those restrictions center around the level of THC found in these products. 

The legal limit of .3% THC is generally the one that applies, but some states go by different numbers, so make sure to look into your state’s laws before purchasing any CBD for senior dogs.   

How Can CBD Help Senior Dogs?

Let’s take a look at how finding the best CBD for senior dogs might be able to improve the quality of your pet’s life.

It May Help Them Respond to Inflammation

If your dog is slower and stiffer than they once were, it’s likely due, in part, to joint pain caused by inflammation. Inflammation is connected to an array of health conditions, including autoimmune issues, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer. 

There are senior dog supplements available that may be able to help with this, and one of the most promising among them is CBD. 

Studies have found that CBD may aid the body’s response to inflammation. Not only that, but research into how those properties may be able to help dogs who suffer from osteoarthritis has returned some promising results.

It May Ease Stress

The aging process is stressful for all species, and dogs are no exception. With increased aches and pains and weakened senses, your dog may be feeling more vulnerable and anxious than when they were younger. Fortunately, you may be able to help them feel more at ease with the help of CBD. 

CBD is believed to offer a relaxing effect, and there is scientific research to back that belief. A study into how the cannabinoid affects certain measures of stress during separation and car travel showed that just a single dose proved helpful.

It May Help Their Appetite

Dogs are well-known for their inclination to eat anything and everything, regardless of whether they’ve been given permission to do so. However, as they age, this quirky trait can dissipate enough that you may wind up worrying about whether their disinterest in dinner is causing a lack of nutrition. 

Lack of appetite can be caused by a few things, including anxiety, nausea, and pain. You already know how CBD may be able to alleviate both mental and physical discomfort, but you may not know that it also has the potential to alleviate nausea. 

In fact, a 2011 study found that CBD had a significant impact on indicators of nausea in rats.

How to Find the Best CBD for Senior Dogs

Now that you know a few of the ways CBD supplements for older dogs may be able to help them better enjoy their golden years, you’re probably excited to give them a try. To help you do that, take a look at these tips for finding the best CBD oil for senior dogs.

Opt for Full-Spectrum CBD

During your search, you’ll notice there are three different types of CBD — isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. 

What separates each type is the other useful hemp-derived chemical compounds they contain. Isolate has only CBD, broad spectrum has everything but THC, and full spectrum has all of hemp’s useful compounds, including THC. 

You want to opt for full-spectrum CBD because of something called the “entourage effect.” This phenomenon occurs when more than one cannabinoid is taken at once, resulting in an amplification of each of their effects. Don’t worry — there’s not enough THC in a hemp-derived CBD product to provide any psychoactive effects.

Make Sure Your Products Have Third-Party Testing

It’s an unfortunate fact that some CBD companies don’t employ the safest practices when creating their products. This can result in dangerous heavy metals winding up in your CBD. To avoid this issue, only buy CBD products that are third-party tested.

CBD for Your Senior Dog

Senior dogs deserve all the love, comfort, and contentment in the world, and CBD may be able to help you bring them that. We hope this guide is useful to you in your search, and we wish your pup many more years of happy living.

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Jeffrey Manheimer

I have grown up with dogs my entire life. My current fur baby is Frankie, a Bernese Mountain dog that is scared of flies, running water and the gameshow Jeopardy. Her health and joints have been managed by key supplements, vitamins and a variety of food.

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