Treating Common Medical Conditions With CBD for Dogs

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Dog owners will do whatever it takes to provide their beloved pets with the comfort and care they deserve, and that can be much more difficult when their dog is suffering from a condition that requires costly medications. Fortunately, CBD for dogs may be a solution to this issue. 

CBD has a long list of potential therapeutic effects that make it possible for you to forego those costly meds and provide your pup with the relief they need through all-natural means. If this sounds intriguing, take a look at this guide to all the various benefits of dog CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound that’s abundant in both the hemp and cannabis plants. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it does not get you high, but it is believed to offer a variety of therapeutic effects. 

Thanks to its recent legalization under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD has become an increasingly popular alternative for the potential treatment of a variety of conditions. Research into CBD has found that it may be able to alleviate physical and mental discomfort, relieve stress, ease stomach issues, and more.

How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

While dogs are biologically different from humans in various ways, the potential uses of CBD are quite similar for both. Below are some of the ways in which this amazing cannabinoid may be able to help your pup.

Easing Joint Discomfort

As our beloved pets grow older, it’s common for them to slow down due to stiff joints. This can be almost as emotionally painful for us as it is physically painful for them, but dogs with osteoarthritis don’t necessarily need to suffer if you’re willing to seek out the best CBD oil for joint pain. 

A study published in 2020 found that “CBD significantly decreased pain and increased mobility” in dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis. This is likely due to the cannabinoid’s effect on inflammatory response, which can potentially reduce the stiffness of your pup’s joints and help them move around more comfortably. 

However, it’s always wise to keep in mind that even the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis is likely to be more effective if you take other measures to reduce your dog’s joint discomfort, such as helping them lose excess weight and giving them regular muscle massages.

Calming Effects

If your pet is prone to uneasiness during separation, on car rides, or during certain noisy events like thunderstorms, CBD oil may be able to help them. 

A recent study into CBD’s ability to help dogs with anxiety published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science found that single doses of CBD showed a notable reduction in measures of anxiety in dogs during car travel and separation from their owners.

Easing Physical Discomfort

There are certainly some prescription medications your vet might recommend for a pet in pain, but what can you give a dog for pain relief that’s natural and not prohibitively expensive? Those same properties that can help your arthritic dog feel like their old self may be able to relieve some forms of physical discomfort beyond stiff and achy joints. 

Often, physical discomfort is associated with inflammation, and CBD oil for dogs may help their bodies respond to inflammation and help them feel better while recovering from an injury or if they suffer from a common painful condition such as hip dysplasia. 

Keep in mind that even the best CBD oil for dogs with hip dysplasia should be coupled with a conversation with your vet and some other forms of care.

Reducing Seizures

If you’re looking for all-natural seizure medications or something to supplement your pet’s treatment for epilepsy, seeking out the best CBD for dogs with seizures may be the answer. 

There is currently one FDA-approved medicine that uses CBD. That medicine is Epidiolex, and it’s designed to reduce seizures in humans with a certain form of epilepsy. It is believed that this therapeutic benefit may also be useful for canines. 

A 2022 study found that CBD given to dogs who suffer from seizures showed a marked reduction in the frequency of their seizures.

Helping Dogs With Cancer

Learning that your pet is suffering from cancer can be harrowing, but there may be a way to help them through the process. 

A study by Cornell University found that CBD oil could decrease the reproduction of problematic cells. It may not be a cure, but seeking out the best CBD oil for dogs with cancer can potentially be an aid in the treatment of this terrible disease.

Helping Dogs With Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease is a medical condition that occurs when the adrenal glands begin overproducing the hormone cortisol. This disease can not only cause serious discomfort, but it can ultimately be fatal. Fortunately, seeking out the best CBD for dogs with Cushing’s may be a potentially useful way to ease symptoms. 

Cushing’s disease can be caused by tumors, and studies like the aforementioned study by Cornell University have found that CBD may be able to help. The cannabinoid can also help your dog feel more comfortable when suffering from the symptoms of this disease.

Tips for Finding the Best CBD for Dogs

Here are two quick tips for taking full advantage of the effects of CBD in dogs.

Do Your Research

When seeking a CBD product for your dog, always look into the companies you’re considering. Any company that doesn’t third-party lab test their products should be a no-go, as they can use unsafe practices that leave dangerous heavy metals in their CBD.

Mind Your Serving Size

While CBD is safe for dogs, some side effects can result from taking too much. Every good product should list the proper serving sizes of CBD for your pup’s particular size, but it’s always best to exercise caution and start on the low end of the serving size chart.

CBD May Be the Answer You’re Looking For

Whether you’re looking for the best CBD for dogs with joint pain, separation anxiety, or any other issue, we hope this guide has helped you better understand how to seek the all-natural care your pet deserves. Always make sure to reach out to your vet with any concerns.

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