Can Dogs Eat Salami?

Before giving in to your pup’s begging for salami, you should consider the health risks as opposed to the benefits. 

Salami is an excellent food enjoyed by many people. From fancy charcuterie boards to simple grab-and-go snack boxes, you can find this deli meat in a lot of popular snacks. You can prepare this Italian meat with many different kinds of herbs and spices to highlight various flavors. While you might love to snack on salami, can dogs eat salami, too?

Your furry friend should only eat salami in very small quantities occasionally. This food should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet or a supplement for any nutrients. 

What Happens if Dogs Eat Salami?

In general, most dogs will have no reaction to small bites of salami every now and then. They will probably enjoy its flavor and move on with their day. However, too much salami could lead to health issues like high blood pressure, joint pain, obesity, and inflammation. 

Ways to Prepare Salami

Salami can be added as a part of a salad recipe, an Italian sub sandwich, or as an appetizer with a bite of cheese or cracker. Salami can be made from multiple cuts of meat to create different textures or flavors. No matter how your preferred salami is made, your dog should not be eating nearly as much salami as you do. 

Are There Benefits of Eating Salami?

Since salami is a type of meat, it is considered to be a protein source, which dogs need to function and thrive. In this way, a little bit of salami could give your dog a small boost of energy. However, outside of this benefit, there isn’t much about salami that positively impacts your dog’s health.

Could Eating Salami Put My Dog at Risk?

Can dogs eat salami if they are overweight? Eating salami on a regular basis can actually lead to increased weight gain, which is a common occurrence for dogs that eat human food too often. 

Weight gain can create other issues as well, like reduced mobility and strain on the circulatory system. If you want to keep your dog healthy and mobile for as long as possible, you should limit high-sodium, high-fat snacks like salami. 

How Much Salami Can My Dog Eat?

We get it — your dog’s puppy dog eyes can be difficult to resist when you’re eating some tasty salami. A small piece of a single slice once or twice a week shouldn’t cause negative health consequences for your pup. If you notice adverse effects, stop feeding your dog salami altogether. 

How to Feed Salami to Your Dog

Can dogs eat cooked salami? What about salami straight from the fridge? Whether the salami is warm or cold, it doesn’t make a difference in the moderation you should use when feeding this snack to your pup. Only feed your dog very small pieces at a time to prevent any choking hazard. 

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Jeffrey Manheimer

I have grown up with dogs my entire life. My current fur baby is Frankie, a Bernese Mountain dog that is scared of flies, running water and the gameshow Jeopardy. Her health and joints have been managed by key supplements, vitamins and a variety of food.

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