Can Dogs Eat Radishes?


Radishes are safe for dogs, but there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind before you feed one to your pup.

If you’re health-conscious, you know how much radishes can boost your wellness when included in a regular diet. But dogs eat radishes? The answer is yes; dogs can eat radishes without developing adverse symptoms. In fact, radishes can even improve the health of dogs with their many vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

However, the key to a balanced diet for your dog is moderation. Radishes aren’t nearly as essential for your pup’s health as the kibble or wet food they eat on a daily basis, so these veggies shouldn’t be included as often. 

How to Prepare Radishes for Dogs

Before you feed a radish to your dog, make sure you take a few simple steps to prepare the vegetable. Cut off the stem and leaves, wash the radish, peel it, and slice it into small pieces to avoid choking. Cooked radish is also acceptable to feed to dogs if it’s been sliced up in the same way. 

Whether your radish is cooked or raw, make sure to avoid adding any seasonings or spices. Even small amounts of salt, pepper, and other spices can upset your dog’s stomach.

What Happens When Dogs Eat Radish Too Often?

Can dogs eat radishes too often? Radishes are high in fiber, which can help with constipation. However, if your dog eats too much fiber, it may have the opposite effect, causing constipation or diarrhea. Only give your pup radishes once or twice per week to avoid negative symptoms. 

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Jeffrey Manheimer

I have grown up with dogs my entire life. My current fur baby is Frankie, a Bernese Mountain dog that is scared of flies, running water and the gameshow Jeopardy. Her health and joints have been managed by key supplements, vitamins and a variety of food.

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