Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni?

can dogs eat raw pepperoni

As much as your dog may beg while you’re enjoying a slice of pizza, you should probably keep the pepperoni to yourself. 

The Dangers: Why Dogs Can’t Eat Pepperoni

The look on your pup’s face as you enjoy your slice of pepperoni pizza may inspire you to ask, “Can dogs eat pepperoni?” Unfortunately, this tasty morsel is not good for your dog’s health. 

It’s not only in the context of pizza that pepperoni is bad for your pup. All highly processed meat products, including pepperoni, beef jerky, meat sticks, and salami, should be kept away from your dog. 

Is Any Quantity of Pepperoni Safe for Dogs?

If your dog accidentally ate a piece of pepperoni, don’t panic; this food is not toxic for dogs. However, eating pepperoni and other processed meats on a regular basis can lead to issues with heart health, digestion, and weight management. 

While pepperoni isn’t toxic, it usually contains small amounts of ingredients that are. Onion and garlic can be very dangerous for dogs to ingest, and small amounts over time can create damaging health effects. 

Can My Dog Enjoy Any Meat Products? Similar Foods a Dog Can Eat

While the answer to “Can dogs eat pepperoni?” is “no,” they can still enjoy similar snacks in moderation. Shredded chicken, ground turkey, and lean ground beef in small amounts can be tasty for dogs and provide them with some protein. 

Just make sure to avoid turkey and chicken skin as well as processed lunch meat like sliced turkey and ham. 

If your dog shows changes in behavior or symptoms of pain or discomfort after eating anything new, call your vet immediately. 

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