Can Dogs Eat French Fries?

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As long as you practice moderation, your pup can enjoy a small bite of your french fries every once in a while.

Some dogs will beg for a bite of whatever their owner is eating, whether it’s a juicy steak or a raw vegetable. However, even the pickiest dogs usually can’t resist the aroma of french fries. The salt and oil combined make for a strong smell, and your pup is sure to use its best puppy dog eyes to convince you that it deserves a bite. 

But can dogs eat french fries? You know that french fries aren’t considered to be a healthy snack, and this is true for your dog as well. None of the typical ingredients for french fries are toxic to dogs, so yes — your dog can enjoy a french fry occasionally. Just be aware of the consequences that can happen when dogs eat foods like french fries too often.

What Happens When Dogs Eat French Fries?

If you give your pup one fry out of your serving every few weeks, you probably have nothing to worry about. For some dog-safe human foods, moderation can look like only feeding your dog a small portion each day rather than a meal-sized portion. With french fries, however, moderation should be much more extreme. 

Every dog is different, so your dog might have no reaction (other than excitement) when they eat a fry or two. If your pup has a sensitive stomach, even a single french fry could cause digestive issues. After all, the high salt and fat content makes it difficult for dogs’ bodies to break down. 

Are There Any Benefits?

Unfortunately, there are no significant health benefits when it comes to dogs eating french fries. If your pup has had a long day of running and playing, the extra calories and electrolytes from the sodium might give them a slight energy boost. 

However, giving them plenty of water and their typical dog food at mealtime should be enough for most dogs to feel their best and have enough energy. French fries should not be used as a supplement for your dog’s diet. 

What Are the Dangers?

Unless your dog has a sensitive digestive system and is prone to stomachaches, a small bite of french fries once in a while is probably not putting your dog in any danger. The health risks develop when you make french fries a habit for your pup. 

French fries from restaurants are usually covered in salt and oil, which can cause a variety of health issues for dogs when consumed regularly. Problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and inflammation are just a few potential health concerns that could arise for dogs that overeat fatty foods. 

Additionally, it’s important to consider what seasonings are on your fries before you give your dog a bite. Salt is the most common seasoning on fries, and a little bit of salt once in a while won’t hurt your dog. 

However, other seasonings like garlic and onion can be toxic to dogs, even in very small amounts. Additionally, other special toppings like chili and cheese can be high in fat or seasoned with ingredients that aren’t healthy for your dog. Regular french fries are okay on occasion, but you should always keep your garlic fries and chili cheese fries to yourself. 

Can Dogs Eat French Fries Often?

Your dog’s begging can be hard to resist, especially if you bring french fries into the house multiple days a week. Just remember to keep the health risks in mind before you feed your dog handfuls of fries every time you eat fast food. 

Dogs shouldn’t eat french fries more than once every few weeks. Regardless of long-term issues like obesity and hypertension, eating high-fat, high-salt foods like french fries too often could cause your dog to develop digestive issues and show worrisome symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

Ways to Prepare French Fries for Your Dog

Is there a better way for dogs to enjoy french fries? Certainly! Instead of picking up an order at your favorite drive-through, try buying frozen french fries from the grocery store to prepare your own way. 

When you bake french fries, you can control how much salt is on each fry. Make sure to undersalt your fries if you intend to feed one or two to your pup. Not only will this snack be healthier for your dog, but it will also be healthier for you! 

Avoid any seasonings that are toxic to dogs, including garlic, herbs, and onions. Even though homemade french fries are healthier than the drive-through kind, you should still practice moderation when feeding them to your dog. 

Can Dogs Eat Frozen French Fries?

What if your dog gets their paws on an uncooked french fry from the freezer? Frozen french fries are typically pre-cooked, but even if they’re not, all your dog will be eating is a bit of raw potato. Therefore, there’s no need to panic if your dog eats a frozen french fry. In fact, they might even enjoy the coldness of a frozen treat on a hot summer day.

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