Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

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Can dogs eat Doritos? This is an important question to answer if you like sharing your snacks with your pet. While dogs can eat Doritos in moderation, too much of any processed food will be harmful. Additionally, there are restrictions on the kinds of Doritos your dog can eat. 

How Many Doritos Can Your Dog Eat?

Since dogs can eat Doritos in moderation, you might wonder what is an acceptable amount. You should never allow your dog to eat more than two or three pieces at one time. You should also avoid making this a regular treat since consistent snacking on Doritos will lead to weight gain and associated metabolic health problems. 

The Dangers of Feeding Doritos to Your Dog

It’s important to know the health dangers of feeding your dog too many of these processed snacks. The immediate effects that too many Doritos can have on dogs are incidences of vomiting or diarrhea. Be wary of excessive gas.

Over a longer period of time, more serious health dangers can develop. For example, Doritos containing garlic can lead to anemia. The fat and carbs can lead to considerable health dangers. 

Even in regular Doritos, fat and carbs can lead to diabetes as well as obesity. Dehydration, kidney disease, and pancreatitis are other health concerns related to the fat and salt in Doritos.

How to Feed Doritos to Your Dog

Occasionally, you can feed a few Doritos to your dog, but keep these snacks limited. The fat and sodium content in these snacks are especially harmful to dogs, leading to obesity, sodium poisoning, and heart problems. 

You should also avoid feeding your dog flavored Doritos. Additives, such as nacho cheese, chili, and garlic powder, are toxic to dogs. Look for other additives that could cause your dog to have an allergic reaction.

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